Report Abuse

The Division of Health Service Regulation conducts investigations of complaints in which abuse or neglect of residents, or misappropriation of resident property, is witnessed, suspected, or alleged in long-term care facilities. Complainant information is kept confidential.

If violations of laws or regulations are found, DHSR can impose fines or other sanctions against the facility, and can exclude the perpetrator from employment in long-term care facilities. Any person can make a complaint, and may do so anonymously. In addition, complaints can be made by mail or email. Also, DHSR conducts annual, unannounced surveys of all facilities in North Carolina to ensure that the facilities adhere to minimum requirements for both resident care and physical conditions. The results of those annual inspections must be posted for public viewing in the skilled nursing facility and available for inspection by any resident or resident’s representative.

DHSR can be contacted at 919-855-4500 or 800-624-3004